April 30 – May 1. From the Virgin of Chapi to Walpurgisnacht

Final night time I went to see the celebration of the Virgin of Chapi, within the Church of San Francisco, within the very Middle of Lima.

Under that church are the gloomy Catacombs, crypts, pits and tunnels filled with corpses uncovered to the general public.
I’ve at all times been obsessed with these mysterious locations, not solely due to the historical past behind them but additionally due to the genuine secrets and techniques that they cover to at the present time. Many secret passages haven’t been found and plenty of others stay unexplored. It’s a number of tales deep, and even at this time’s archaeologists haven’t managed to advance their investigations intimately. At any time when I am going I’m very tempted to get out of the way in which and get misplaced with a flashlight behind the bars.


The title of “La virgen de Chapi” is a Marian invocationIn different phrases, from the spiritual viewpoint it’s a mystical allusion associated to presents or supposed appearances of a sure holy picture. From there come names corresponding to La Virgen del Pilar, La Virgen de Coromoto, La Virgen e Fátima, La Virgen de Lourdes, and many others.

In actuality, they’re all in regards to the Virgin Mary and the reality is that these names originate in the method of Christianization of communities and areas of the world that already had cults or adorations previous to the arrival of Catholicism. It was a approach of tricking folks by superimposing Catholic names on pre-existing pagan gods or locations, in the identical approach as has been achieved with Inca temples, or with dates of celebrations for Mom Earth.

Many individuals at this time don’t even understand it and proceed to worship their native saints with Christianized names. As if there actually was a distinction between one or the opposite virgin or Christ.

But when we go a little bit additional we are able to discover celebrations all over the world round this date.

Walpurgisnatch It’s a nice celebration on the night time of April 30 to Might 1 in Central and Northern Europe. It’s truly a terrific equinoctial transition vacation to worship the goddesses of fertility whether or not they’re the goddesses Walpurgis (of the Teutons), Beltane of the Celts and Floralia or Maia of the Romans.
Nevertheless, its origin was upset by the date of canonization of Santa Walburga, moved from February 25 to Might 1.
Additionally it is generally known as the Halloween. (To not be confused with halloween)


This date is essential for a lot of earthly religions and cults all over the world, as a result of it celebrates the earth in actuality, which is finally essentially the most tangible ingredient that we have now just like GOD.

One other attention-grabbing reality is that it was on the Walpurgis night time of 1776 that the Illuminati was created within the Bavarian forests. (Does The Da Vinci Code sound acquainted to you?)

Evaluating what occurs on this date in numerous elements of the world offers us a extra full imaginative and prescient of what it actually holds past native traditions or customs. This is only one of 1000’s of examples on the market.

The world is filled with meanings that modify as we progress. Colours, flavors, values ​​and cultural symbols take form relying on the place and after we are. That’s the reason it is rather vital to at all times journey with a really open thoughts and permit your self to be questioned.

It’s stunning what number of issues one can marvel at when permitting new meanings to take consistency in our minds.

There may be an concept that I at all times apply after I journey and attempt to perceive a brand new cultural atmosphere: Issues are usually not the way you suppose they’re and they aren’t the way you need them to be. I like to recommend relearning the world in your subsequent journey as in case your thoughts had been a clean canvas.

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