The Hannibal Lecter method of peeling an Orange


Issues that no one taught you, that though they appear small trifles are repetitive acts of a lifetime. So why not get it proper?


There are literally thousands of methods to peel an orange, some higher than others relying in your ability with a knife. However I’ve seen folks stain as much as their elbows by bending the peel, getting their fingers unnecessarily moist, and losing a few of the fruit.

It was pure coincidence that he remembered this scene from “The Silence of the Innocents” whereas peeling an orange. Plus I’ve at all times admired Anthony Hopkins and his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter. As a toddler it was kind of like this:


As he remembered that crude scene the place Lecter uncovered his sufferer’s mind, the orange started to take form and all the things turned the video that you are going to see below.

Play the video and put it in full display screen! :

Additionally in case you do it proper, you possibly can collect the shell to make figures like this mini lamp that I made right here:


Nothing severe, however enjoyable to do whereas consuming fruit and chatting with buddies.

Get pleasure from it 😉

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