Traveling curiosities: Ginkgo, the tree of wisdom and hope

Earlier than the dinosaurs, earlier than flowers and man existed, greater than 250 thousand years in the past, there was already a really particular tree referred to as Ginkgo biloba. A novel tree on the earth, a residing fossil, with out cousins ​​or siblings that seem like it.

Additionally it is referred to as fairly Japanese, but it surely has many extra names; tree of pagodas, tree of temples, silver apricot, white eye, eye of the spirit, duck foot, maiden hair, the tree of the grandfather and the grandson, the residing fossil, … the tree of knowledge … and the tree of 40 escudos, as a result of that was the loopy value {that a} Parisian fan paid for the acquisition of 5 ginkgos.

It is a tree sooo lengthy livedThey are saying that there are specimens which might be round 2500 years previous.

And Buddhist monks have recognized their propertiesAbove all, they think about it as a sort of vaccine towards senility and dementia,… they drink ginkgo infusions to memorize the lengthy sutras. Additionally they say that it protects towards coronary heart assaults, gastritis, improves circulation … it has many makes use of in conventional oriental medication.

In Japan I discovered that its resistance and power to the dodgy circumstances are spectacular, survive in low gentle circumstances, with few vitamins and is tremendous immune to bugs, fungi, micro organism, fireplace, rays … and to radiation from atomic bombs. When the town of Hiroshima was razed, the ginkgo was a survivor. A 12 months after that horrible explosion, amid the particles of the Housenbou Temple, a ginkgo sprouted.

Even right now the copy may be seen accompanied by a poster the place it says ‘No extra Hiroshima’. The Japanese nicknamed Hibakujumoku to the timber that survived the atomic bomb, it actually means one thing like ‘bombed timber‘, and are thought-about’carriers of hope’.

Their DNA is about 3.5 occasions longer than human DNA, it incorporates greater than 40 thousand genes, and plenty of of them serve to guard themselves from exterior threats, assault pathogens, create substances, activate alarms, … they’ve a tremendous protection system that does nearly immortal. Scientists research this complete biochemical arsenal for the pharmaceutical industries.

its dispersion around the globe is because of its nice resistance and to the human hand. It’s a cosmopolitan tree, and right now some specimens may be seen in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Valencia, Holland, Argentina, Belgium … Probably the most intensive cultivation is in South Carolina the place its leaves are collected to acquire its extract, there are additionally small plantations in France, close to Bourdeux.

However to see it in its habitat, it’s a must to go to the East, to the Southeast of China, the place it’s thought-about a sacred tree and is a part of its Cultural Heritage.

On our journey to Japan I opened my eyes to concentrate on them, I had written down the decision ‘Ginkgo avenue‘to get nearer to the realm. It’s positioned in Tokyo, within the Meiji district, and to catch the plethora of yellow timber, it’s a must to sharpen your goal and go to the nation in autumn, coinciding with the momiji. Within the Tokyo capital the very best dates to benefit from the autumn colours are the tip of November and particularly the start of December.

Legend has it that its leaves had been butterflies, are bilobed and alter from a fairly inexperienced to a putting golden yellow. I really like their shade, their form and their curious aerodynamics, they throw themselves into the void like elegant kamikaze dancers, turning on themselves and drawing lengthy ringlets.

The little ones seeds they’re considerably fleshy, edible, medicinal, … The feminine ones are ‘very unhealthy’ once they rot and are trodden on, because of this male specimens are normally chosen to brighten the streets.

In China the seeds are marketed and given at weddings, in Tokyo it’s thought-about a logo of the town, it has impressed desserts and hairstyles of samurai, ladies and sumo wrestlers, … is a part of the tradition.

Autumn in Japan is spectacular, they observe the decision ‘hunt for fall colours’, momiji gari, an entire thousand-year-old custom that has reached our days and that fascinated me. Surely, the Japanese autumn is at our prime of the journey, for those who go to the nation in autumn, keep in mind … open your eyes and search for.

I really like timber of their sauce, of their context, however I’m additionally considering city landscaping, I take a look at the species that inhabit the streets and avenues, in parks and gardens … I already informed you the place to see curious baobabs and right now it was the green-gold ginkgo flip, one of many oldest organisms on the planet.

And also you, do you take note of the timber? Do you know the cool ginkgo 🙂?

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